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    1. About Us

      Zhejiang Yueqing Hongcheng Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991. The company is located in Hongqiao, an important coastal town in Zhejiang with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. The company has strong technical force, sophisticated equipment, and advanced technology. It is deeply recognized and trusted by the majority of peers. .

      The company specializes in the production of various connectors and terminals for household appliances, motorcycles, automobiles, etc., with more than 200 varieties, rich product categories, complete series, reliable performance, and strong new product development capabilities to provide product quality High-quality guarantee workers can develop and produce according to the different needs of customers.

      The company has a group of senior technical and managerial personnel dedicated to improving the management of the enterprise, and adopting advanced design capabilities to make the company's technology, production, quality procurement, sales and other links achieve the best coordination and optimization state.

      The company adheres to the business philosophy of "pursuing perfection and being a trusted partner of customers", and the principle of "integrity-based, quality first", and "the highest quality, the fastest speed, and the best service to every customer" For the purpose, we are willing to work together for our customers to create brilliant.

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